Tips for Finding The Best Search Marketing Agency in NYC

If you are looking for the best search engine optimisation companies in New York, you will need to follow some tips to get value for your money. The fact that there are many agencies operating in New York means that you will need to find la crème de al crème’ before you make a decision.


What you Need

Start by deciding what you need. Search marketing involves many things such as content marketing, PPC management, link building, retargeting, ongoing SEO, website audit, reputation management, link removal among others. If you are unsure of what you exactly need, begin by determining the job you want to be done. For example, do you want to grow leads by 50% over the next 6 months, or do you want to improve your sales by 20% over the same period? Having a goal in mind will help you measure the success you have with any SEO firm.

Multiple Consultations

Once you have determined what you want, have a sit down with an internet marketing firm that seems professional and reasonable. Most, if not all firms, offer free consultations as they know this is the only way they can win you over. Use such consultations to create a rapport with a firm that you find understands you the best. By the time the consultation ends, you should have a proposal that clearly states how your business is going to be handled. Comparing consultations from various firms will help you have an idea what will be done and how it is going to be achieved.

References and Studies

The top questions you want from any firm that claims to be the best company in NYC is if they are going to help you get your job done. Since the agency will not be able to predict the future, the best way to prove to you that they can achieve what they say is by giving your references and case studies of the past. For instance, if you are an online store, they should give you references and case studies of at least 3 other online stores that they have worked with successfully.

Let the Agency Tell you Stories

Great SEO services in New York one that executes tactically and is highly creative. They should be able to tell you stories about their failures and successes, experiences and background. Ask questions like how they were founded, their best or worst client experiences and how they handled the same, and how they have improved over the years. With these tips, and you are sure to find the best SEO agency in NYC.

Winter blues, look forward to Summer AC service Nashville

The winter just ended. The biting temperatures had you wishing for the summer. However, if you do not get ready for summer, you will wish for winter when it’s finally summer time. For you and your family to be safe and comfortable, you will need air conditioning. Part of the preparations for the summer includes ensuring that your AC is working very well. That means that you have to find the right person to service your AC. Getting an AC Service contractor will ensure that you enjoy staying at home with your family and also be in a position to save a lot of time, money and energy. The question now becomes, how do you find the correct HVAC Nashville Contractor?

AC Service Expert

Questions to Ask Your Potential Contractor

To get good AC Service Nashville, it is a good thought to ask your potential contractor some questions. Questions include;

a. Do you have payment terms?

b. Do you offer 24-hour emergency services?

c. In case the customer is not satisfied with your AC service. Do you give a refund?

d. Do you have a warranty for the unit?

e. Are your AC units brands rated for energy efficiency?

Tips to Find a good contractor

1. Check complaints, ratings and what their past clients say about the contractor

You just visit their website using your computer and check on feedbacks from customers. Information about customers’ past reports should be looked into to enable you to know whether they have worked well in the past.

2. Authenticate whether the contractor is certified, licensed and insured.

The contractor should have the right certification and license. They should be licensed to ensure that everything is covered in your home in case something is wrong. They should have a proof of workers’ compensation and liability. The contractor should provide the license number before putting down the tools.

3. Before repairing, installing or even providing an estimate for the AC Service Nashville, the contractor should inspect your system and home. Insulation and airflow should meet the manufacturer’s requirements and laid down guidelines. After inspection, an estimate will be provided before the contractor gets to work.

So where do you find the contractor?

One way is visiting Angie’s List review and rating consumer website. A person will check if the contractor is trustworthy and performs high-quality work. Reviews about cost, quality and professionalism of work, meeting contract agreement and deadlines and many other important details are available on this website. After reviewing Angie’s list in Nashville we have found that Lee Company would be the best candidate to hire. Visit them at

The other is through Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) website, which is a non-profit organisation with more than 4,000 businesses in place and 60,000 professionals in the indoor environment fields and energy services. They ensure that customers can get quality contractors because details of their previous jobs are provided on the site.

The final and recommendable way is through asking around for referrals and recommendations. Ask your immediate neighbours, workmates, close friends and family members. These are people who would guide you to the right place.


The guidelines mentioned above will ensure that you make the right choice as you get your air conditioning ready for the winter. You will be able to save time and money and enjoy the winter instead of troubleshooting when it’s too late!

Helpful Tips To Help You Maintain Your HVAC Systems

When I first had my air conditioning systems installed, I wasn’t too aware as to how to properly maintain them. Over the course of time, I saw that my bills were becoming slightly larger and larger as the months went by. I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong! I made sure that I always had the same temperature set for the same amount of time during the day, but I kept paying more on each consecutive energy bill. I wasn’t able to figure out any solutions until I asked my contractor friend for some advice. What I found out was surprising, and it only required a few simple things to remember.

The most important factor, I was told, was to always pay attention to the filters on the units. Over the course of time, the filters in your cooling unit will build up a large amount of dust and debris. If this goes overlooked, you could find yourself in need of air conditioning repair. Fortunately, I was able to catch this problem before it really blew up in my face, costing me a hefty amount of money. If you change your filters on a regular basis, you could find yourself saving anywhere from five to fifteen percent on your utility bills. Think about how much money you could save over the course of the year by simply replacing filters on your air conditioning units. By investing in quality filters, you will quickly pay off the cost of the filters themselves and then go on to save more money.

If you have an outdoor cooling unit, maintenance is extremely simple as well. You’ll normally find that lots of trees and plants will spread their seeds and excess foliage during the spring and summer months. By simply inspecting the top of the unit, you can see if there is any buildup of any sort. Just as dust and dirt from inside of your house can clog up your HVAC unit, the dirt and debris from the outside world can hinder the efficiency of your cooling unit, costing you not only in higher bills and less efficiency, but could also cause potential damage which would lead to costly repairs. The outdoor units won’t even need filters replaced, as many of them can be simply cleaned by using a common garden hose to rinse off any excess dirt and debris. If you need to clean the outside coil on the unit, mix some water with any brand of detergent. Spray the coil unit and wait for an hour before you rinse it off with a direct spray of water.

With these extremely simple solutions in mind, you can save yourself a large amount of money over the year, as well as maintain the life of your original heating and cooling units, which will save you from having to undergo any sort of heating repair. If you ever have any questions about what else you can do as far as preventative maintenance goes, be sure to contact your local heating and cooling repair company.